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  • TD-8443IS (PE/25M/AR10)

    TD-8443IS (PE/25M/AR10)

    TD-8443IS (PE/25M/AR10) is a cutting-edge surveillance camera equipped with advanced features, highlighted by its 4-inch 4MP 25X optical zoom capabilities and smart tracking functionality. The camera boasts a versatile focus length of f=4.8-120mm, providing a wide range of focal options for different monitoring scenarios.

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  • TD-8443IS2(PE/25M/AR10)


    TD-8443IS2(PE/25M/AR10) is a sophisticated 4-inch 4MP 25X Smart Tracking PTZ camera equipped with a high-quality f=4.8-120mm lens, offering 25x optical zoom capabilities.

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  • TD-8443IS2N(PE/25M/AR15)


    TD-8443IS2N(PE/25M/AR15) is a cutting-edge 4-inch Smart PTZ camera equipped with advanced features designed to enhance surveillance capabilities. Boasting a powerful f=4.8-120mm lens, this camera stands out with its impressive 25x optical zoom capability, providing detailed and clear imagery even from considerable distances.

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  • TD-8543IE(PE/30M/AR10)


    TD-8543IE(PE/30M/AR10) 4MP 30x Starlight 300m IR Network PTZ camera designed for advanced surveillance applications. Boasting a focus length of f=4.7-141mm with a 30x optical zoom capability, this camera provides unparalleled clarity and detail in monitoring vast areas.

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  • TD-8543IE2(PE/25M/AR10)

    TD-8543IE2 (PE/25M/AR10)

    TD-8543IE2 (PE/25M/AR10) is a feature-rich PoE Network PTZ Camera designed for demanding surveillance applications. With its 4MP resolution, Starlight technology, Smart-tracking functionality, PoE support and 25x optical zoom, it offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking high-performance surveillance in diverse environments.

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  • TD-8543IE2N (PE/25M/AR15)


    TD-8543IE2N(PE/25M/AR15) 4MP Starlight 25x IR 150m Network PTZ Camera, is suitable for wide range of Intrusion and perimeter protection applications. This model is designed for compliant with National Defense
    Authorization Act, Besides. this model has revised with modern outlook, long distance IR technology and stealth gimbal driving system.

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  • TD-8543IE2N (PE/32M/AR20)

    TD-8543IE2N (PE/32M/AR20)

    TD-8543IE2N (PE/32M/AR20) features a versatile f=4.8-154mm lens, offering a wide range of focal lengths to suit various surveillance needs. The 32x optical zoom allows for precise magnification, ensuring effective identification of distant objects or individuals.

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  • TD-8543IE2N(PE/25M/AR10)


    TD-8543IE2N(PE/25M/AR10), 4MP Starlight 25x IR 100m Network PTZ Camera, is suitable for wide range of intrusion and perimeter protection applications. This model is designed for compliant with National Defense Authorization Act. Besides, this model has revised with modern outlook, long distance IR technology, and stealth gimbal driving system.

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  • TD-8643IM(PE/32M/AR20)


    TD-8643IM(PE/32M/AR20) 4MP 32X Starlight IR network PTZ camera, presents a novel design tailored for human/vehicle detection and auto-tracking applications in surveillance. This cutting-edge PTZ camera sets a new standard in intelligent monitoring. With a high computing power of 1.0Tops, it efficiently classifies up to 30 objects per second. In the event of an intrusion into a restricted area, the PTZ camera initiates a series of actions, including tracing, zooming to fit the center of the screen, capturing snapshots, recording, and triggering alerts.

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  • TD-8843IM (PE/WP/50M/AR80)

    TD-8843IM (PE/WP/50M/AR80)

    TD-8843IM (PE/WP/50M/AR80) 4MP 50X Starlight IR Network PTZ Camera designed for robust surveillance applications. With a versatile f=6~300 mm lens, it features an impressive 50x optical zoom capability, ensuring clear and detailed imaging across a wide range of distances.

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  • TD-8843IM(PE/37M/AR30)

    TD-8843IM(PE/37M/AR30) / TD-8843IM(PE/WP/37M/AR30)

    TD-8843IM(PE/37M/AR30) model is equipped with an Auto Tracking feature (AR30),enhancing its functionality for dynamic tracking of moving objects.TD-8843IM(PE/WP/37M/AR30) model extends its capabilities by incorporating a rain-wiper.This feature ensures a clear field of view even during adverse weather conditions, enhancing the camera’s reliability and performance in areas prone to rain or other environmental factors.

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  • TD-8843IM(PE/37M/VL50)

    TD-8843IM-M(PE/37M/VL50) / TD-8843IM (PE/WP/37M/VL50)

    TD-8843IM-M(PE/37M/VL50) adapts an advanced zoomed VCSEL illuminator, synchronously matches lens angle and illumination beam, improves human face detection range to 500m at night, and brings more uniform and transparent B/W image. Even in the near complete darkness, this illuminator could light human faces at 500m away. This camera adapts the latest ISP, which delivers excellent picture quality. At most time, the camera outputs vivid colorful image without necessary of switching to B/W mode. It supports facial priority, car lamp priority exposure, auto-gain control for better VCA results. 1.0T CNN deep-learning engine supports faces/vehicle detection &classification, perimeter precaution and auto-tracking functions .TD-8843IM (PE/WP/37M/VL50) 4MP 37X Ultra starlight laser 500m Network PTZ camera is enhanced with an additional electric rain-wiper.

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