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  • TD-7421TE3(AU/WR2)


    TD-7421TE3(AU/WR2) is a cutting-edge 2MP Full-color HD Analog Bullet Camera that sets new standards in surveillance technology. Engineered for optimal performance, this camera is equipped with advanced features to deliver unparalleled video quality and reliability in a compact and durable design.

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  • TD-7421TE3(D/AR2)/TD-7421TE3(D/SW/AR2)


    TD-7421TE3(D/AR2) and TD-7421TE3(D/SW/AR2) are state-of-the-art 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Cameras with a fixed 2.8mm lens.These cameras are engineered to meet the demands of modern security applications, providing users with a comprehensive and effective solution to safeguard their premises.

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  • TD-7422TE3


    TD-7422TE3(D/AR3)/(D/SW/AR3)/(D/FZ/AR3)/(D/FZ/SW/AR3) series offers a range of options to suit different surveillance needs. From fixed lens configurations with varying focal lengths to manual zoom lenses with smart capabilities, these cameras provide a versatile and powerful solution for high-definition analog surveillance.


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  • TD-7524TE3(AU/WR2)


     TD-7524TE3(AU/WR2) is a state-of-the-art 2MP Full-color HD Analog Turret Camera designed for effective and reliable video surveillance. Its 2.8mm fixed lens strikes a balance between wide coverage and detailed focus, making it an ideal choice for capturing a broad view while ensuring clarity on specific subjects of interest.

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  • TD-7524TE3(D/AR2) / TD-7524TE3(D/SW/AR2)/TD-7524TE3(D/AU/AR2)

    TD-7524TE3(D/AR2) / TD-7524TE3(D/SW/AR2)/TD-7524TE3(D/AU/AR2)

    TD-7524TE3(D/AR2) ensures precise image capture with a wide field of view.Equipped with a fixed 2.8mm lens, This lens configuration enhances its adaptability to various monitoring scenarios, providing clarity and detail in both well-lit and low-light conditions.

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  • TD-7525TE3(D/FZ/AR3)/TD-7525TE3(D/FZ/SW/AR3)


    TD-7525TE3(D/FZ/AR3) and TD-7525TE3(D/FZ/SW/AR3) are advanced 2MP HD Analog IR Turret Cameras, designed to deliver high-quality surveillance in a variety of environments. These cameras are equipped with a manual zoom lens, featuring a focal range of 2.8mm to 12mm.

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