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  • TD-7421TE3S(D/AR1)/TD-7421TE3S(D/AU/AR1)


    TD-7421TE3S(D/AR1) and TD-7421TE3S(D/AU/AR1) cameras are 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Cameras featuring a 2.8mm fixed lens. These surveillance solutions are characterized by their high-definition video capture, infrared capabilities for low-light scenarios and compatibility with existing analog systems.

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  • TD-7421TE3S(WR1) / TD-7421TE3S(AU/WR1)

    TD-7421TE3S(WR1) and TD-7421TE3S(AU/WR1)

    TD-7421TE3S(WR1) and TD-7421TE3S(AU/WR1) 2MP Full-color HD Analog Bullet Cameras redefine the standards of surveillance technology. With their 2.8mm fixed lens, full-color imaging and robust design, these cameras offer a comprehensive solution for security needs.

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  • TD-7524TE3S(D/AR1) / TD-7524TE3S(D/AU/AR1)

    TD-7524TE3S(D/AR1) / TD-7524TE3S(D/AU/AR1)

    TD-7524TE3S(D/AR1) / TD-7524TE3S(D/AU/AR1) camera are equipped with cutting-edge technology, these cameras offer impressive image resolution and clarity, capturing details essential for effective monitoring.

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  • TD-7524TE3S(WR1) / TD-7524TE3S(AU/WR1)

    TD-7524TE3S(WR1) / TD-7524TE3S(AU/WR1)

    TD-7524TE3S(WR1) and TD-7524TE3S(AU/WR1) 2MP Full-color HD Analog Turret Cameras, Equipped with a 2.8mm fixed lens provide state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities. Their advanced features, including Full-color HD resolution and versatile installation options. make them reliable choices for enhancing security across diverse applications.

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