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  • FTP-802 / FTP-802S15

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  • FTP-802 / FTP-802S15

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  • FTP-802 / FTP-802S15

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  • Mixed Media Converter

    IgniteNet™’s new Mixed Media Converter is an evolutionary advance in media conversion. At its core, the Mixed Media Converter converts 1000Mbps copper Ethernet to 1000Mbps fiber allowing for Passive POE in on the Ethernet port, while providing a 12-56V DC power tap for accessory connectivity. The Mixed Media Converter can also be directly connected to a DC power cable and provide Passive PoE out on it’s Ethernet RJ-45 port offering unparalleled flexibility.

    The pluggable fiber optics port allows for flexible network configurations using SFP transceivers supplied by other manufacturers. The Mixed Media Converter can accommodate any 1000Mbps SERDES SFP optical modules for easy migration from short-haul to long haul fiber connections by simply changing the optical module interface.

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  • VC-231GF

    One 1000BASE-X SFP interface
    • 1 RJ11 connector for xDSL port with VDSL2 connection
    VDSL2 Features
    • VDSL2 stand-alone transceiver for simple bridge modem
    • Cost-effective bridge function to connect two Ethernet LANs
    • Up to 150/150Mbps bandwidth (in G.INP, Sym, 8dB mode)
    • Voice and data communication can be shared simultaneously
    based on the existing telephone wire with distance up to 1.4km
    • ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 standard
    • ITU-T G.993.5 G.Vectoring and G.INP
    • DMT-based coding technology
    • CO/CPE mode selectable via DIP switch
    • Selectable target band plan (symmetric and asymmetric) and
    SNR margin
    • Supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag transparency
    Hardware and Installation
    • Compact size, wall-mountable design; ideal solution for spacelimited locations
    • Advantage of minimum installation time (Simply by Plug and
    • Metal case, good for heat sinking
    • Supports extensive LED indicators for network diagnosis
    • Additional POST splitter to share voice and data
    • Supports 6KV DC Ethernet ESD protection

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