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  • TD-7322AM3(D) / TD-7322AM3(AD)

    TD-7322AM3(D) / TD-7322AM3(AD)

    TD-7322AM3(D) and TD-7322AM3(AD) are high-definition analog infrared box cameras with a 2MP resolution. The TD-7322AM3(AD) operates on both AC24V and DC12V power sources, providing flexibility in installation options. On the other hand, the TD-7322AM3(D) is powered by DC12V. These cameras are designed to deliver superior image quality and are equipped with infrared technology for enhanced low-light performance.

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  • TD-7420AS3L(D/AR1)


    TD-7420AS3L(D/AR1) is a 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Camera with a fixed 2.8mm lens, offering superior imaging capabilities for advanced surveillance requirements. Its high-definition resolution ensures clear and detailed visuals.

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  • TD-7421AE3(D/AR2)


    TD-7421AE3(D/AR2) 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Camera stands as a testament to the evolution of surveillance technology, combining cutting-edge features with user-friendly design to provide a comprehensive solution for security needs.

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  • TD-7421AE3S(D/AR1)


    TD-7421AE3S is a state-of-the-art camera, with the model variant TD-7421AE3S(D/AR1). It is equipped with a fixed lens that offers a focal length of 2.8mm, ensuring a broad field of view and detailed capture of the surroundings. Engineered to meet the demands of modern security systems, this camera provides enhanced image quality for both day and night surveillance.

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  • TD-7421AM3(D/SW/AR2)


    TD-7421AM3(D/SW/AR2) 2MP HD Starlight IR Bullet Camera – a sophisticated surveillance solution meticulously crafted to provide outstanding clarity and performance. With state-of-the-art technology, this camera guarantees dependable monitoring across diverse environments.

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  • TD-7421AS2S(D/AR1)


    TD-7421AS2S(D/AR1) is a 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Camera featuring a 2.8mm fixed lens, offering a state-of-the-art solution for high-definition surveillance requirements. With outstanding image quality, infrared capabilities, durability, and compatibility features.

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  • TD-7421AS3(D/AR2)


    TD-7421AS3 is a cutting-edge 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Camera designed to deliver superior surveillance performance with advanced features. This high-definition camera, with its model variant TD-7421AS3(D/AR2) is equipped with a fixed lens of 2.8mm, ensuring a clear and focused view.

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  • TD-7421AS3S(D/AR1)


    TD-7421AS3S(D/AR1) is a 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Camera that combines high-definition resolution, infrared capabilities and a fixed 2.8mm lens. Its compatibility with existing analog infrastructure makes it a practical choice for users looking to upgrade their surveillance systems without undergoing a complete overhaul.

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  • TD-7421TE3(AU/WR2)


    TD-7421TE3(AU/WR2) is a cutting-edge 2MP Full-color HD Analog Bullet Camera that sets new standards in surveillance technology. Engineered for optimal performance, this camera is equipped with advanced features to deliver unparalleled video quality and reliability in a compact and durable design.

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  • TD-7421TE3(D/AR2)/TD-7421TE3(D/SW/AR2)


    TD-7421TE3(D/AR2) and TD-7421TE3(D/SW/AR2) are state-of-the-art 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Cameras with a fixed 2.8mm lens.These cameras are engineered to meet the demands of modern security applications, providing users with a comprehensive and effective solution to safeguard their premises.

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  • TD-7421TE3S(D/AR1)/TD-7421TE3S(D/AU/AR1)


    TD-7421TE3S(D/AR1) and TD-7421TE3S(D/AU/AR1) cameras are 2MP HD Analog IR Bullet Cameras featuring a 2.8mm fixed lens. These surveillance solutions are characterized by their high-definition video capture, infrared capabilities for low-light scenarios and compatibility with existing analog systems.

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  • TD-7421TE3S(WR1) / TD-7421TE3S(AU/WR1)

    TD-7421TE3S(WR1) and TD-7421TE3S(AU/WR1)

    TD-7421TE3S(WR1) and TD-7421TE3S(AU/WR1) 2MP Full-color HD Analog Bullet Cameras redefine the standards of surveillance technology. With their 2.8mm fixed lens, full-color imaging and robust design, these cameras offer a comprehensive solution for security needs.

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