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  • TD-7481AE1(D/SW/AR2)


    TD-7481AE1(D/SW/AR2) is an advanced 8MP HD Analog IR Bullet Camera crafted for high-quality surveillance applications. Featuring a fixed lens with options of 2.8mm or 3.6mm, this camera provides sharp and detailed imagery. It stands as a reliable choice for security systems requiring superior image resolution.

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  • TD-7482AE1(D/SW/AR3)/TD-7482AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR3)


    TD-7482AE1(D/SW/AR3) boasts a fixed lens option, with choices of 3.6mm or 2.8mm, catering to various surveillance needs. On the other hand, the TD-7482AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR3) offers the added advantage of a motorized zoom lens, providing flexibility with a range of 2.8-12mm.

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  • TD-7483AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR5)


    TD-7483AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR5) represents an advanced surveillance solution that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with unparalleled performance. Crafted to deliver exceptionally clear imagery, this high-resolution camera features a robust motorized zoom lens, ranging from 2.8mm to 12mm, ensuring optimal focus and clarity to meet diverse surveillance requirements.

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  • TD-7581AE1(D/SW/AR1)


    TD-7581AE1(D/SW/AR1) 8MP HD Analog IR Dome Camera ensures a superior night view distance of 10 ~ 20m. It combines high-resolution imaging, versatile lens options, and robust construction to provide a comprehensive security solution.

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  • TD-7583AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR2)


    TD-7583AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR2) Equipped with a motorized zoom lens ranging from 2.8 to 12 mm, it ensures unmatched flexibility in capturing crystal-clear images. This dynamic lens allows for precise adjustments to achieve the perfect field of view, providing comprehensive coverage of any environment.

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  • TD-7584AE1(D/SW/AR2)


    TD-7584AE1(D/SW/AR2) 8MP HD Analog IR Dome Camera for an unparalleled surveillance experience. With its high-resolution imaging, versatile lens options and advanced features, this camera is a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing the security of any environment.

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  • TD-7585AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR3)


    TD-7585AE1(D/AZ/SW/AR3) stands as an advanced 8MP HD Analog IR Dome Camera, offering unparalleled surveillance capabilities. With its fixed lens options of 2.8mm and 12mm, it provides versatile control over surveillance coverage. The ability to remotely adjust the zoom level ensures focused monitoring on specific areas of interest, guaranteeing comprehensive surveillance without compromising image quality.

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