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  • TD-9421S3B(D/PE/AR2)


    TD-9421S3B(D/PE/AR2) stands as an advanced 2MP IR Water-proof Bullet Network Camera, meticulously crafted to provide outstanding surveillance features. Its superior 2-megapixel resolution ensures the capture of sharp and vivid imagery with precision.

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  • TD-9422S3B(D/PE/AR3) / TD-9422S3B(D/FZ/PE/AR3)

    TD-9422S3B(D/PE/AR3) / TD-9422S3B(D/FZ/PE/AR3)

    TD-9422S3B(D/PE/AR3) / TD-9422S3B(D/FZ/PE/AR3) stands as a state-of-the-art 2MP IR Water-proof Bullet Network Camera meticulously designed for optimal surveillance performance. This versatile camera offers two distinct variants: the TD-9422S3B (D/PE/AR3) boasting a fixed lens with options of 2.8 mm or 3.6 mm, and TD-9422S3B (D/FZ/PE/AR3) featuring a manual zoom lens with a range from 2.8 mm to 12 mm. Exceptional image quality is guaranteed even in challenging low-light conditions.The water-proof design not only ensures durability but also makes it well-suited for deployment in various outdoor environments.

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  • TD-9524S3B(D/AR2) / TD-9524S3B(D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9524S3B(D/AR2) / TD-9524S3B(D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9524S3B(D/AR2) / TD-9524S3B(D/PE/AR2) is a state-of-the-art 2MP IR Water-Proof Turret Network Camera designed to meet advanced surveillance requirements.With outstanding features and functionalities, this camera ensures exceptional monitoring and security performance. It comes in two versions: TD-9524S3B(D/AR2) and TD-9524S3B(D/PE/AR2), each equipped with fixed lenses featuring 2.8 mm and 3.6 mm focal lengths. The inclusion of fixed lenses enhances the camera’s adaptability, providing flexibility in capturing the desired field of view and making it well-suited for a variety of monitoring scenarios.

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  • TD-9525S3B(D/FZ/PE/AR3)


    TD-9525S3B(D/FZ/PE/AR3) is a high-performance 2MP IR Water-Proof Turret Network Camera designed for robust surveillance applications. With a manual zoom lens featuring a versatile 2.8~12mm focal length, this camera provides flexible control over the viewing angle, ensuring optimal coverage for diverse monitoring needs.

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