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  • C12


    C12 a cutting-edge 2MP Cube Wi-Fi Network Camera that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features. Engineered with precision, the C12 boasts a fixed lens of 2.8mm, ensuring sharp and clear visuals for unparalleled surveillance.

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  • TD-1401E


    Experience top-tier surveillance capabilities with TD-1401E 4MP HD Video Server,Boasting superior image resolution, advanced technology and a user-friendly design. this device provides a comprehensive solution for security needs. Elevate security infrastructure by incorporating this reliable and high-performance tool, guaranteeing precise capture and monitoring of every detail.

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  • TD-9568E2 (D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9568E2 (D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9568E2 (D/PE/AR2) an advanced 6MP Network IR Water-Proof Fisheye Camera designed for unparalleled surveillance capabilities. This advanced camera model TD-9568E2 (D/PE/AR2), boasts a powerful 6-megapixel resolution, ensuring crisp and detailed imaging for comprehensive security monitoring.

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  • TD-9568E3B (D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9568E3B (D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9568E3B (D/PE/AR2) equipped with water-proof capabilities for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliable monitoring in various conditions. The fisheye lens design enables a wide-angle view, maximizing the surveillance area and capturing details with precision.

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  • TD-9568E3BL (D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9568E3BL (D/PE/AR2)

    TD-9568E3BL (D/PE/AR2) is a cutting-edge 6MP IR Fisheye Network Camera designed for comprehensive surveillance applications. With its fixed lens of 1.1mm, this camera delivers high-resolution imaging and a wide field of view, ensuring optimal coverage.

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