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  • TD-9322A3-FR


    TD-9322A3-FR is a cutting-edge 2MP HD Face Recognition Box Network Camera, designed for high-performance facial recognition applications. With its advanced technology, this device delivers exceptional image resolution at 2 megapixels, ensuring clear and detailed surveillance footage.

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  • TD-9423A3-FR


    TD-9423A3-FR delivers exceptional image quality through its 2-megapixel HD resolution. Boasting a motorized lens with a versatile 7 to 22 mm zoom range, this camera ensures optimal flexibility for capturing precise details at varying distances.

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  • TD-9523A3-FR


    TD-9523A3-FR Dome Network Camera is an advanced surveillance device equipped with cutting-edge 2MP facial recognition technology. Designed for superior monitoring capabilities, this camera features a motorized zoom lens with a range of 7-22 mm, providing exceptional flexibility in adjusting focus to meet specific surveillance requirements
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  • TD-9525A3-FR


    TTD-9525A3-FR presents a cutting-edge high-definition facial recognition solution, boasting a 2-megapixel resolution for unparalleled clarity. Equipped with a motorized 7-22 mm zoom lens, this innovative device ensures precise and dynamic facial capture

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  • TD-9843A3BH-LR(D/AZ/PE/AR7) / TD-9843A3BH-LR(D/AZ/PE/AR10)


    TD-9843A3BH-LR is a cutting-edge 4MP HD License Plate Recognition Network Camera designed for high-performance surveillance applications. Equipped with a motorized lens, this camera ensures optimal flexibility and adaptability for various monitoring scenarios.

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  • TD-9843A3BH-LR(D/AZ/PE/WR5)/TD-9843A3BH-LR(D/AZ/PE/WR7)


    TD-9843A3BH-LR white light 4MP HD License Plate Recognition Network Camera is an advanced surveillance solution designed for optimal license plate identification. Equipped with a motorized lens, the camera offers precise control over focal length, providing versatility for various surveillance scenarios.

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