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  • Installer APP

    Wireless Installer App is a handy application designed to simplify and speed up wireless link installation process for the engineers working in the filed. It is developed for an Android based handheld devices and intended to use with Deliberant and LigoWave products. Majority of the available functions can be used with 3rd party equipment as well. Wireless Installer App allows doing the following:

    • Finding the direction of a remote site / device on a map
    • Showing of the exact location of a remote device using an integrated camera in the phone or tablet
    • Reporting wireless link signal levels as audible signal coming from the handheld device (in a noisy areas a Bluetooth handset is recommended)
    • Measuring link performance throughput and PPS), testing with different packet sizes
    • Configuring basic parameters required for link establishment
    • Multiple options to import the coordinates: WNMS, LinkCalc, Google Earth (kmz file) and manual.

    Wireless Installer App requires Android version 4.0 or newer.

    Important note: WNMS server must have HTTPS enabled

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  • LinkCalc

    The link calculator allows Deliberant users to calculate link performance expectations taking into account geographical information, distance between the units, antenna height and gain, transmit power, and other factors in order to choose the most suitable product. In addition, custom calculations using other vendors’ equipment specs can be used, making the link calculator the ultimate link planning tool. At the same time, this tool is offered free of charge, and users only need to register to get quick and easy access to this very helpful tool. Additionally, each user is able to save and create a database of links, download a PDF document that contains all the necessary information about the link, and publish a hyperlink online so that it could be shown to other people during the evaluation process

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  • Reset tool

    Reset Tool is written on Java and lets the users to restore the devices easily to their default configuration. No special commands are required. To use the reset tool, please upgrade your Deliberant APC series devices to software version 5.77. The new software version is available under downloads section on the support tab together with the reset tool.

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    SWEAP stands for SNMP to WNMS External Agent/Proxy and is a software application that runs independently of WNMS and is able to turn any SNMP-enabled network device into a WNMS-friendly piece of equipment.

    SWEAP runs on Microsoft Windows or Linux and can be configured using WNMS server’s user interface.

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