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  • ECHObracket

    ECHObracket is a flexible mounting kit for the ECHO 5 from LigoWave, which turns it into a really small form factor client or bridge device. With the mount the ECHO 5 is capable of short to medium distance links (delivering ~100 Mbps on a 3 km/ 1.86 mi). The bracket is designed for fast and easy installation of the ECHO 5 and can be mounted on the wall or on a pole. Three axis positioning allows flexible antenna alignment when devices are mounted at different heights.
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  • Fusion™ Dish

    The IgniteNet™ Fusion™ Dish is a high performance .6m dish for the 5GHz unlicensed bands. Its reimagined design is centered around 3 key ingredients: simplicity, performance, and integration. For simplicity the Fusion™ Dish dish requires only one tool for assembly and integration. Also the bracket is thoughtfully designed as two pieces to allow for easy installation.

    For improved performance, the Fusion™ Dish features a redesigned waveguide to enable low-loss radio connections, while simplifying the installation at the same time. Easy integration is further achieved in the innovative pigtail and weather hood feature.

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  • MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope

    Utilizing leading-edge technology, IgniteNet’s MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope delivers unprecedented performance and ensures precise antenna positioning in the field, bringing accuracy during deployments, installations, and ongoing operations. Initial antenna position is critical during Metrolinq™ antenna upgrades or new deployments for post installation network performance. The Metrolinq™ Alignment Scope saves time and money by eliminating costly site re-visits and re-climbs.

    Using the MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope is quick and easy. After mounting the scope to the MetroLinq™ chassis using the straightforward attachment system, the installer simply adjusts the antenna to center the scope crosshairs on the target endpoint location to ensure proper link alignment.

    Other helpful uses include verifying optical line of sight for the link, ensuring local mount placement viability, and determining ideal mount locations for distant endpoints.

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  • MetroLinq™ LC Precision Bracket

    The MetroLinq™ LC Precision Bracket is a cost-competitive precision bracket that is robust and easy to aim, making it a perfect choice for high volume installation of MetroLinq™.

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  • MetroLinq™ LR Precision Bracket

    The MetroLinq™ long range bracket is a precision tool designed to give ultimate accuracy and stability for the links that maximize the distance of the MetroLinq™ radio.

    With the offset design you can install maximize the number of units on your tower. Accuracy paired with a rugged design will allow for deployments in the harshest of environments.

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  • Wall Mount

    The DLB Wall Mount is a mounting kit for the LigoDLB Series, which allows users to install DLB wireless devices onto walls.

    Wall Mounting

    The DLB Wall Mount is designed for ultimate flexibility, providing advanced link adaptability with precision tilting in four directions: up, down, left, and right.

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    Lightning Arrester for outdoor wireless application
    • Available for application bands from 0 to 6GHz
    • N-male (plug) to N-female (jack) connector type
    • Highest current handling capability up to 100 kA (max.)
    • Insertion loss of less 0.2dB
    • Lower VSWR, wider operating range
    • Gas discharge tube replaceable
    • Maintenance-free and easy installation

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  • WL-MF-0.6

    • 0.6-meter N-male (male pin) to N-female (female pin)

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  • WL-NM-0.6

    WLAN 5GHz Antennas
    • ANT-OM10A 5GHz 10dBi Omni-directional Antenna
    • ANT-SE17A 5GHz 16.5dBi Sector Antenna
    • ANT-FP18A 5GHz 18dBi Flat Panel Antenna
    WLAN 2.4GHz Antennas
    • ANT-OM5 5dBi Desktop Omni-directional Antenna
    • ANT-OM8 8dBi Omni-directional Antenna
    • ANT-OM15 15dBi Omni-directional Antenna
    • ANT-FP18 18dBi Flat-Panel directional Antenna
    • ANT-SE18 12-18dBi Adjustable Sector Antenna
    • ANT-YG13 13dBi Yagi directional Antenna
    • ANT-YG20 20dBi Yagi directional Antenna
    • ANT-GR21 21dBi Grid Directional Antenna
    Wireless LAN Cables
    • WL-SMA-0.6 0.6 meters reverse SMA (female) – N-type (male)
    • WL-SMA-6 6 meters reverse SMA (female) – N-type (male)
    • WL-N-10 10 meters N-type cable (female – male)
    • WL-NM-0.6 0.6 meters N-type cable (male – male)
    • WL-MMC 0.3 meters MMCX to SMA cable
    Lightning Arrester
    • WL-LTN Lightning Arrester (N male to N female)

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