Proline Wall series wall-mounted cabinets include professional solutions for high-quality, aesthetic design and safety for your active, passive network and all 19’’ electronic devices.

Proline Wall cabinets, store, market, parking garage, shopping malls, restaurant, hospital, bank, business center, smart building and so on. provides the most appropriate protection and use for your electronic devices in many areas.

19’’ device mounting brackets are adjustable along the depth of the cabinet and are set to be Right / Left. The device can be mounted easily with the top-down, bottom-up numbering system that shows « U » üzerinde dimensions on the mounting posts.

Proline Wall cabinets are available in 5 different heights from 7U to 20U. Depth measurement is available as standard 450mm and 600mm. Load bearing capacity is 100kg.

Proline Wall cabinets are available as standard in Ral7035 Light Gray stock delivery. Optional Ral9005 Black color application is available.

It can be disassembled due to its modular structure. This minimizes shipping costs.

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