Wall Mounted 19 ’’ DVRBox Cabinets provide space saving and aesthetic appearance thanks to their vertical mounting. It provides excellent compatibility and ease of use for Network, Security, DVR, Audio and Cabling Systems applications. Suitable for installation of all DVR devices.

Specifications :

Welded monoblock body –1.50mm

Vertical opening with 27 ° and 90 ° steps. There are also 2 locked options with different combination.

Ventilation holes for passive cooling in the box

In-door mounting capability for 19 ”DVR device

Adjustable fixing plates for device mounting

Rubber fixing seals that apply pressure on the device during opening and closing of the cover, preventing damage to the device.

Movable mounting plate for 12 ”display mounting on the rear wall (may vary depending on display model. Please ask for details)

5 different cable entry points on the body: top, bottom, left, right and rear wall.

2U mounting bracket for mounting a 19” PDU  socket module in the upper section in the housing.

Robust and fine textured electrostatic powder coating.

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