Basic Series cabinets have a unique design with their welded and durable structure and provide effective and permanent solutions for cable management, network and server applications. Basic Series cabinets are designed for the installation of data and telecommunication devices and their distribution systems.

Computer rooms, office environments, data centers and so on. aesthetic and decorative appearance at points. Front, back and side covers can be removed when desired with the device is provided easy and easy access.

There is a ready-made area for 2, 4, 6, fan units on the upper chassis for active cooling. In addition, 19 ’’ rack type fan unit can be installed upon request.

19 ’’ vertical mounting brackets are adjustable along the depth of the cabin and have a high carrying capacity of 1.5mm thickness, thankfully to ’U’ dimensions on the uprights of the device can be easily mounted with the top-down, bottom-up numbering system.

We meet user needs with 10 different height measurements.

Height: 12U-16U-20U-22U-26U-32U-36U-42U-45U-47U

Width: 600mm

Depth: 600mm & 800mm & 1000mm

Ral9005 Black / Ral7035 Light Gray paint options are available. Ral9005 black color paint is applied in our standard products.

Note: You can contact our sales office for special size requests

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