Promax Server Rack series cabinets are compatible with all the leading professional server brands (HP, IBM, DELL, etc.) in the world.

Available in 5 different heights from 26U to 47U. The product has heavy duty welded construction. The carrying capacity is 1200 kg.

These Promax Server Rack series cabinets are designed for data center and hot / cold corridor applications.

Promax Server Rack cabinets provide professional protection against intrusion, theft and all kinds of physical impacts.

The front and rear doors of the cabinets are manufactured with perforated holes for effective passive ventilation. Promax Server Rack cabinets are offered as a single front door with 80% perforated camber with hexagonal honeycomb and 80% perforated double rear door as standard.

4 point hinges are applied on front and rear doors. In addition, it provides a high level of security with its lockable structure from 4 points in single wing doors and 3 points in double wing doors. In 36U and above cabinets, the side doors are designed as 2-part horizontal and lockable. With this structure, it is aimed to be easily disassembled and transported during assembly.

Ral9005 Black / Ral7035 Light Gray paint options are available. Ral9005 black color paint is applied in our standard products.

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