Smart Wi-Fi Plug

EU3 intelligent socket connects to Internet through WIFI wireless network, you can control the socket and view the on/off status of the socket in anywhere with a network connection on your smart phone.You can control any electrical device plugged into this socket from a local or remote network,Such as fans,lights,water heaters ,etc. The socket has timing function and reservation function. EU3 intelligent socket supports voice speaker from Amazon ECHO、Google Home、IFTTT,Can control the switching state by voice.



Mobile Phone Remote Control: In the case that both mobile phones and sockets are connected to the Internet, the on/off status of smart sockets can be controlled remotely under the

the network environment through mobile APP.

Manual Switch: Switch on/off status by clicking on the switch button on the socket.

Timing Function: Mobile App with timing control switch function(Support weekly repetition)

Electricity Statistics: N/A

Online Update:When a new version of APP comes out, it can be upgraded online in APP to add more functions.

Intelligent Sharing: Share to friends

Intelligent: Support smart configuration of Android and IOS

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