EZAccess Access Control and Attendance Management Software

* Efficient device management: unified management of multiple Uniview access control devices.

* Efficient device configuration: add devices on LAN by IP address, add persons in batches, and configure permissions by clicking a button.

* Rich attendance functionality:

  •    Set attendance rules, including daily attendance time, rules for late arrivals and early     departures.
  •    Manage schedules by time period and shifts
  •    Handle abnormal attendance, including resign-in and resign-out, leaves and business travels
  •    Attendance statistics, including original attendance data, attendance details and summary.
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Function Description
Note: Functionality may vary with software version.
Device management
Add device Add device by IP address.
Up to 32 access control devices.
Device list View detailed device information such as device name, IP address, device model, network status.
Device operations Supports automatic discovery of devices on LAN and batch adding devices.
Supports syncing device time manually.
Personnel management
Department management Supports multi-level department management.
Personnel management Configure basic personal information such as ID, name, gender, mobile phone number, and photos.
Import and export personal information in batches.
Visitor management
Visitor sign-in Sign in visitors, assign permissions to door, sign out visitors.
Visitor records Search visitor records.
Access control
Permission management Assign access permissions, configure permissions in batches.
Sync configurations to devices.
Holiday setup Add holidays, set the start and end time of holiday.
Repeat holidays by year.
Attendance management
Attendance regulations Set automatic attendance calculation time.
Staff schedule Set normal period (including work start and end times, late arrival, leave early, and not signed in/out) and flexible period (calculate duration by first sign-in and last sign-out, and cumulate duration by multiple sign ins & outs).
Set shifts by time period.
Arrange shifts.
Attendance handling Shows abnormal attendance records and allows resign-in and resign-out.
Handling of leaves and business travels.
Attendance statistics Shows original attendance data, attendance summary and attendance details.
Supports data export.
Pass-thru records
Real-time records Display pass-through records in real time.
Relevant information: time, device name, name and ID of the person, mask wearing status, body temperature, and snapshot.
History records Search people’s pass-thru records by time range, department, data source, mask wearing status, and temperature.
Relevant information including time, device name, name and ID of the person, mask wearing status, body temperature, and snapshot.
Export pass-thru records.
System Configuration
Snapshot The storage path of snapshots is customizable.
Alarm parameters configuration Two temperature units available: ℃/℉.
Temperature monitoring and alarm threshold.
Face masks detection.
Configure actions (sound, pop-up alarm window) to be triggered by alarms.
Auto time sync Supports syncing device time automatically.
Database management Supports manual backup of the database.
Sets automatic backup.
Restores the database using a backup file.
System maintenance Supports import/export of database and images.
Installation environment
EZAccess Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7/10, 64-bit.
Memory: 4GB or more.
Hard disk: A minimum of 20GB free space required.
Monitor: 1440*900 or higher.

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