Video Wall Mobile Client

* Manage UNV decoder and Video Wall Controller .

* Support UNV and third-party IPC and NVR.

* Sync video wall information of connected devices, including window layout and live view services.

* Manage multiple video walls.

* Save and switch scene.

* Window operations: open window in batches, split window, window roaming, resize window.

* Sync live view services of connected devices.

* Play live view and local signal resource on video wall.

* PTZ control: rotation, speed control, zoom and focus.

* Sync and play sequence resource of connected devices.

* Turn on/off UNV’s screen



Function Description
Note: Actual functionality may vary with the decoding device connected.
Device management Sync the signal sources of connected decoding devices
View device status, including video channels under an NVR
Support Onvif protocol
Video wall Sync video wall information of connected devices, including window layout and live view services
Switch video wall
Scene Sync scene of connected devices
Save and switch scene
Window Open a single window, open window in batches(1/4/9/16/25/36/Custom)
Window roaming, resize, and overlay
Selected window displays on top automatically
Switch window layout (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/13/16)
Stream type: specify default stream, or adapt to screen layout
Live view Play live video on video wall: drag to intended window, or double tap video channel
Stop live view of selected window
Stop all live videos
Play signal source on video wall: play local signal source connected to the decoder’s video input on video wall.
PTZ control Control PTZ rotation with direction buttons
Set rotation speed
Zoom and focus
Sequence resource Sync sequence resources of connected devices
Play sequence resource in one window or in all windows
Screen control Turn on/off screen
Client configuration The IP, port, and username of the latest successful login are remembered by default.
Help Online help
Language English, Chinese
Operating system Android 4.4 or later
Memory 1 GB or higher
Display resolution 480 x 800 or higher
Recommended device Android tablet

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