1U rack-mount size design
IEC outlet models
8 power outlets that support real-time current image monitoring
8 LEDs show power status for each power outlet
LCD panel displays current, max. alarm, voltage and network
Switch/Set button to lock-up protection to avoid modification
Buzzer will ring when total power consumption value exceeds
set value
Circuit breaker can avoid damage that is caused by overload
Versatile sensors supported through environmental sensor box
(ESB) inputs
Power Distribution
Maximum Amps/Inlet: IEC 16A for 1 inlet
Maximum Amps for 8 Outlets: IEC 16A for 8 outlets
Full Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
Supports multiple power control methods – Wake on LAN,
System After AC Back, Kill the Power
Remote Access
Remote power control via TCP/IP and a built-in 10/100Mbps
Ethernet port
Multi browsers support (IE, Google, Firefox, Safari, Opera,
Provides Install Wizard to ease users’ setting of parameters
Events notification by sending pop-up message, trap, SMS or
Supports Management Information Base (MIB) files for SNMP
Naming support for outlets
Power-on sequencing intelligently turns on/off devices based
on event occurrence or planned schedule
Voltage, current, wattage and total kWh report
Sets over-current watchdog for each power outlet
External UPS can be installed for a possible power outage
Web page supports 1024-bit SSL security encryption
Supports Secure Socket Layer V3 and Secure Shell V1
Administrator and multiple users with password protection for
double-layer security
IP Filtering Address-specific IP security masks to prevent
unauthorized access

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