MetroLinq™ LR Precision Bracket

The MetroLinq™ long range bracket is a precision tool designed to give ultimate accuracy and stability for the links that maximize the distance of the MetroLinq™ radio.

With the offset design you can install maximize the number of units on your tower. Accuracy paired with a rugged design will allow for deployments in the harshest of environments.



Mount › Pole Mount 45mm – 100mm (1.77 – 3.94 inch)
Aiming Range › Vertical +/- 12deg
› Horizontal +/- 15deg
Wind Survivability › 125 mph (201 kph)
Size and Weight › 354 x 213 x 128.7 mm/ 13.94 x 8.39 x 5.07 inch and 3.4 kg/ 7.4 lb

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