TC-100 Handheld TDR Cable Fault Locator


–Handheld designed, easy to carry

–Using the advanced technology of ARM and FPGA

–Use large screen panel liquid crystal display, man-machine interface amity, simple and intuitive operation, prompt information rich and comprehensive

–DGAC (Digital gain auto control). This will reduce the waveform distortion caused by the Potentiometer knob; and also can be used for pure line adjust which is convenient for manual test

–Auto identification technology of the digit wave form: the unit can automatically identify the waveform that difficult to judge manually and test the dead zone clearly.

–It can automatically choose length of cable and adjust range according the cable length.

–Adopts high end (True 32-bit) ARM chip to cooperate with FPGA (Field programmable gates array technology), which will be in favor of performing the complicated operation and judging the faults wave correctly.

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TC-100 Handheld TDR Cable Fault Locator PACKING LIST

TC-100 Cable Fault Locator 1 UNIT
Carrying Bag 1 PCS
Charger 1 PCS
Test Line 2PCS
User Manual 1 PCS
CD with management software Just for USB function
USB-Disk Just for USB function


Manual Measurement Range 0~8km(16km, 32km are optional)
Auto Measurement Range 0~4km
Measurement Error ± 1% of selected range
VOP Range Absolute Value: 40~300m/μs and 1 m/μs per step

Relative Ratio: 0.20~0.99 and 0.01per step(optional)

Display Color Screen 320*240
Port Type BNC Port
Battery Lithium Battery 7.4V, 2700mAh
Gain Adjustment Range 0~99
Pulse Amplitude 0~ 40V ( Smooth change in the full-wave single pulse )
Pulse Width 50ns~2.5 μs Automatic Adjustment Pulse Width
Power Consumption 1w
Working Time >10h
Working Temperature -15 ℃~45 ℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~55℃
Test Dead Zone 0m
Impedance 50~200Ω Automatic Impedance Balance
Weight 380g
Dimension 204*100*36 mm3



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