TC-150 Micro SM OTDR

TC-150 Micro SM OTDR  Main duties

Test the distance between two points and dynamically display the distance between two cursors
Test the loss between two points and the constant loss of optical fiber and cable
Mixed loss test
Self-optimization and quick response
Search for event points automatically
Waveform storage function: It can store the waveform data and test condition in disk, and the stored information can also display again.
Support copy function: It can copy the data file which is built in internal disk into U-disk directly.

Catégorie :



• Telecommunication construction and maintenance

•  CATV construction and maintenance

• Cabling system

•  Optical components production and research

•  Other fiber-optics projects


Model TC-150
Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Sensing Fiber Single mode fibers
Dynamic Range (dB) 32/30
Pulse Width 10ns/30ns/50ns/100ns/300ns/1.0ms/2.5ms/10ms
Even Dead Zone(m) 2.5m
Attenuation Dead Zone 14m
Linearity ±0.05dB/ dB
Distance Measure Accuracy(m) ±(1m+sample space+measurement distance×0.005%)
Distance Range(km) 0.5~120
Data Storage >1000 records
Dimensions(H×W×T)  230*120*60mm
Weight 0.9kg
Battery life 10 hours
Connector (FC/ST/SC Interchangeable)/PC
Visible Fault Locator 650nm wavelength
Display 3.5’’


• 1310 nm/1550 nm maximum dynamic range 32 db/30 dB; as far as can test 130 km optical fiber

• Optimization model test:In view of the network construction provided – high speed test mode; in view of the network maintenance-accurate test mode

• Advanced user friendly: the intelligent one-key operation to start measurement

•Continue working time for more than 10 hours, especially fit for the long time field application

• Light weight: 0.9 Kg

• Handheld portable type, convenient, favorable cost and performance ratio

• High-capacity data storage

• The real-time measurement both convenient and practical

• Intelligent Trace Scanning

• Online work light detection

• The friendly user interface

• The convenient VLS function

• The powerful trace viewer software function:

trace management, trace print and trace browse.

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