TC-180 Basic SM OTDR

Main Features

3.5-inch touch screen, easy to use.

Event editing function.

Trace storage function.

SD data interface, USB data output.

Graphical display of trace data, easy to operate.

PC analysis software is delivered together with the instrument,
which can be used for measurement data backup and archive

AC and DC power supply.

A battery life of over eight hours after being charged each time.
Small in size, portable.

VFL function.


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Test Parameters
Sub Model TC-180A TC-180B
Dynamic Range (1) 32/30dB 28/26dB
Fiber Type Single Mode Fiber
Wavelength 1310nm/1550nm
Pulse Width (ns) 5/10/20/40/80/160/320/640/1280/2560/5120/10240/20480/Auto
Distance Range (km) 0.3/1/3/5/10/30/60/120
Measurement Time 15s/30s/1min/2min/3min
Event Dead Zone (2) 1.2m
Attenuation Dead Zone (2) 8m
Distance Accuracy ±(1m+measuring distance×3×10+sampling   resolution)
VFL Module
Wavelength 650nm
Output Power ≥-3dBm
Test Distance 3km
General Parameters
Display 3.5 inch TFT Touch LCD
Communication Light   Detection Available
Optical Interface FC/UPC or SC/UPC
Data Storage SD card (4GB) > 10000   groups of Trace
Data Interface SD card interface
Communication Interface USB interface
Working Temp. -10℃~+50℃
Storage Temp. -20℃~+70℃
Humidity ≤95% (non-condensation)
Dimension (mm) 125×225×60
Weight (kg) 1 (battery included)

(1)   According to the description of the technical specifications, a typical UPC   connector shall be used for measurement. Uncertainty caused by refractive   index of the optical fiber is not considered. The dynamic range is measured   in the condition where the range is 120 km, the pulse width is 20480 ns, and   the average time is 3 min.

(2) Dead zone measurement conditions: The   reflective event is within 10 km, the reflection strength is smaller than -45   dB, and the minimum pulse width is used for measurement.




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