— Integrated design, smart and rugged.

— Small and light, easy to carry.

— Battery indicator function.

— Long working hours for outdoor operation.

— Friendly interface, visual keyboard capable.

— Multi-measuring modes, simple to use, finish measurement by just one button.

— Realtime measuring function, convenient to monitor the splicing process.

— Internal 10mw visual fault locator for accurate positioning the closer fault point.

— Warning function could prevent module of OTDR damaged by optical signal.

— PC Remote access and control function is available via USB interface.

— Provide data simulation software to process, generate and print report.

— Integrated with 8GB internal memory and can store more than 80000 groups of traces.



— Automatic Measurement Mode: Operators don’t need to choose the test distance and pulse width, the tester will automatically judge the length and choose suitable dynamic range as well as pulse width to complete the work; the storage of event trace can be saved manually or automatically.

— Multiple Wavelengths Measurement Mode: In order to use different wavelengths to execute the loss calculation in one fiber, we can choose duplex wavelengths test mode from parameter settings, the tester will switch wavelengths automatically.

— Multiple Trace Analysis: Simultaneously display 4 traces, operators can compare the traces and make analysis of any ones among the traces.

— Duplex Operation Mode: Pure operation via touch screen or pure operation via the pressing keys.




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