It is designed to protect your devices from all external factors such as rain, dust and vandalism. While keeping your investments safe with its IP66 protection level, an aesthetic appearance is not compromised.

General features :
The fan module protection cover is located on the top of the cabinet.

Available in sizes 7U – 9U – 12U – 16U

The protection cover is hinged and can be opened and closed.
There are ventilation holes on the back of the top cover.
Is Anti-vandal.
The front cover uses gasket to meet IP66 standards.
The Fan Module is installed from the outside of the cabinet after the top cover is opened.
Cable entries are made inside the lower base.
Handle lock is used on the front cover.
The uprights are made of numbered galvanized metal.
Paint Properties: Ral 9005 (Black), Ral 7035 (Light Gray).
It is painted with electrostatic powder paint.
There are two alternatives, single and double walled.

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